Best Studio 5 Drawer Taboret


5 out of 5 stars
Best Studio 5 Drawer Taboret - Slight angled view showing 5 drawers and Oak top

This Best Studio 5 Drawer Taboret, constructed of solid oak and oak plywood, allows for concealed storage of artist materials. The inside dimensions of the top three drawers are 1¾"H × 14¾"W × 16½"D. The inside dimensions of the fourth drawer are 6¼"H × 14¾"W × 16½"D, and the fifth drawer measures 9...

Item #: 51690-1005
Description: Studio 5 Drawer Taboret
Color: Oak
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Item Specs

5-Drawer Taboret
Overall Height30"76 cm
Overall Width17¾"45 cm
Overall Depth18"46 cm
Top Drawer Height, Interior1¾"4 cm
Top Drawer Width, Interior14¾"37 cm
Top Drawer Depth, Interior16½"42 cm
4th Drawer Height, Interior6¼"16 cm
4th Drawer Width, Interior14¾"37 cm
4th Drawer Depth, Interior16½"42 cm
Bottom Drawer Height, Interior9"16 cm
Bottom Drawer Width, Interior14¾"37 cm
Bottom Drawer Depth, Interior16½"42 cm
Weight66 lb29.9 kg



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