Bailey Minimight Slab Roller

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Minimight II, for Slabs up to 16"
Minimight II, for Slabs up to 16"
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Bailey's tabletop Minimight Slab Roller rolls consistent slabs every time. It is a fantastic tool for both the professional and the hobby ceramicist. It has a painted steel frame with size guides, with durable Melamine® counters and carbide-coated rollers for an excellent grip. A 15" crank handle provides ample leverage. The mechanism is enclosed, making it safe for all ages. There's no need to clamp it down. Just place it on your table and the rubber feet will hold it in place while you effortlessly roll your slab. One slab sheet is included with both models. Maximum slab dimensions are 16" × 18" for the 16" model, and 22" × 24" for the 22" model. Assembly is required.

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