Artool True Fire Freehand Templates

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True Fire Templates, Set of 3
True Fire Templates, Set of 3
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All True Fire templates are crafted of the toughest, solvent-proof plastic, and easily flex or curve around irregular-shaped surfaces. When you're done, simply wipe them clean, and they're ready to use again and again. Airbrush master Mike Lavallee first invented his groundbreaking True Fire airbrush effect  then worked with Artool to create these exclusive True Fire Freehand Templates. Now airbrushers everywhere can emulate his awesome, realistic flames, and do it in about half the time. Lavallee recently came to mainstream fame after his appearances on "Monster Garage," but his True Fire effects have been setting the kustom painting world on fire for more than 25 years. The original True Fire template series began with Diablo, Inferno, and Wildfire templates. For True Fire II, Lavalee took the most often used True Fire shapes and expanded on the hottest configurations. Then he extended his designs to create the Mini and Nano template sets  great for smaller projects, from helmets to RC models.

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