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Artfix Universal Primed Linen Canvas Rolls

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Acrylic Primed Linen Roll
Acrylic Primed Linen Roll
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Artfix's Universal Primed canvas is prepared by hand application of up to four layers of universal acrylic primer and hand sanding. This results in a ground that replicates the characteristics of canvas that has been primed with oil-based primer, but with the durability and elasticity of acrylic primer. Universal primed canvas is suitable for use with both oil and acrylic paints. For over 40 years, the Narozni family has been crafting fine art supports in Provence, where the warm climate is ideal for slow and stable drying of primed fabrics. By combining time-honored European methods with modern chemistry, the family produces a conservator-grade painting surface that assures the artist's expression will survive the passage of time. Using the finest Belgian linen with the longest natural thread (fewer knots) creates a strong, flawless surface. Double sizing provides protection against oil paints, allowing uniform "breathing," which reduces paint film stress.  

Item Specs

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Item Specs

85" × 5½ yd 216 cm × 5 m
42" × 5½ yd 107 cm × 5 m