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Amsterdam Expert Series Acrylics and Sets

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Amsterdam Acrylics have the viscosity, pigmentation level, and lightfastness that professionals demand. The well-balanced range of 70 genuine artists' colors is formulated with high concentrations of authentic, non-fading pigments, which guarantees strong and intense colors. 28 colors in the line are mono-pigmented . This heavy-body paint is suitable for working with a brush or painting knife. Paints are formulated with 100% acrylic resin binder, which results in an exceptionally durable and flexible paint film with a uniform degree of gloss. Thin films dry in 30 minutes. Expert Acrylics thin easily with water and are virtually odorless. Being alkali resistant makes them ideal for wall paintings. They exhibit the highest degree of lightfastness so colors remain brilliant and true for years. Paints are packaged in clear, recylable tubes.

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Item Specs

Amsterdam is a registered trademark of Royal Talens.

Item Specs

Tube 20 ml .68 oz
Tube 75 ml 2.5 oz
Tube 150 ml 5 oz