Amaco No. 67 Sedona Red Clay

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Amaco Sedona Red Clay has a rich red color before and after firing. It's excellent for all hand methods, including modeling, slab, coil, sculpture, and wheel throwing. This clay has wide firing range of Cone 0502 (1911°F2052°F). At Cone 04, shrinkage is 11.7% and absorption is 7%. At Cone 02, shrinkage is 13% and absorption is 9.2%.
Sedona Red Clay fires well without slumping. Each 50 lb (23 kg) carton contains two 25 lb (11 kg) bags of moist clay.

Note - Any combination of clay, plaster, sand, and molding material totaling 50 lbs or more does not qualify for our free shipping offer. Note - This clay is AP non-toxic when moist.

Amaco is a registered trademark of American Art Clay Company.