Amaco No. 38 White Stoneware Clay

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This de-aired moist stoneware clay is formulated from choice clays for plasticity and whiteness, plus fire-clay to give it additional body. Amaco No. 38 White Stoneware Clay contains no grog, yet has the strength required for throwing large pieces. Bisque fire to Cone 04 (1971°F, 1077°C). The firing range is Cone 510 (2205°2381°F), and the recommended glaze firing is Cone 10 (2381°F). At Cone 5 (2205°F), shrinkage is 13% and absorption is 7%. At Cone 10 (2381°F), shrinkage is 15%, absorption is 1.4%, and the clay fires white in oxidation and gray in reduction, both delicately peppered with darker gray spots.
A 50 lb carton consists of two 25 lb bricks, each in a poly storage bag, so any amount can be used as required and the rest stored for future use.

Note - Any combination of clay, plaster, sand, and molding material totaling 50 lbs or more does not qualify for our free shipping offer. Note - This clay is AP non-toxic when moist.

Amaco is a registered trademark of American Art Clay Company.