Amaco High-Fire Top-Loading Electric Kilns

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Now with Select Fire kiln controllers! With a maximum temperature of 2300°F, these kilns are ideal for firing stoneware and porcelain. Exteriors are constructed of welded steel, with a heat and rust-resistant finish.

The high-fire refractory of the firing chamber and its high-temperature insulation keep heat loss at a minimum. Firing time varies from 5 to 8 hours, depending on the size of kiln, firing speed, load, and voltage output.

Lids are specially vented and rest on ceramic fiber rope that encircles the top of the firing chamber for a perfect seal. A sprint-type latch allows lids to expand and contract. All models have spring-balanced lids.

Long-life A-1 Kanthal wire element coils fit into deeply recessed groooves in the firing chamber walls, and can easily be removed when necessary. These top loading kilns are well built and highly recommended for studio or classroom. UL and CSA listed.

5 year manufacturer's warranty.

Three Phase Kilns - Three Phase electric power is available in many industrial and institutional buildings, usually with 208V power. Most facilities with Three Phase power also have separate circuits for Single Phase power. Single Phase electric power is the standard alternating current (60 hz) that is available in all homes and offices in North America, usually with 240V power. A single phase kiln can run using Three Phase power with additional equipment and wiring. Where Three Phase power is available, most high amperage circuits (that might be used to run a kiln) will be Three Phase circuits. Although electric motors such as ventilation fans run more efficiently (require fewer watts) on a Three Phase circuit, kiln heating elements do not. However, it is possible to run a Three Phase kiln using a smaller (lower amperage) circuit than would be required for a comparable Single Phase kiln, if power capacity (amperage) is an issue. Three Phase kilns will not run on Single Phase power. Always consult a licensed electrician before installing a high power electric kiln. Kiln Return Policy - Kilns are custom-built to order and are shipped directly by the manufacturer; therefore, Blick is unable to accept returns. Please review all information and contact our customer service department to address any questions prior to ordering. Electrical Warning - All electrical products have U.S. standard plugs and voltage. Due to damage that can occur when using incompatible plugs, sockets, or converters, Blick does not ship electrical items or accessories outside of North America or to freight forwarders.


Amaco is a registered trademark of American Art Clay Company.


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