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Blick Block Printing Comparison Chart

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Item Thickness Backing Cut Print Quality Attributes
Blick® Readycut 3/16" Unmounted, Fused Layer Soft Very Good Gray layer helps to visualize the printed results.
Blick® Wonder-Cut 1/4" Unmounted Medium Best Consistent texture, easy to cut and no crumble.
Blick® Battleship Gray 1/8" Unmounted or Mounted Firm Best Maintains fine edges when printing.
Blick® Golden-Cut 1/8" Unmounted Medium Better Drawing shows clearly. Minimal crumble.
Blick® Easy to Cut 1/8" 2-Sided Very Soft Very Good Excellent storage, easy to cut and no crumble.
Blick® E-Z-Cut 3/8" 2-Sided Very Soft Very Good Easy to cut, perfect for beginners.
Blick® Flexi-Cut 1/16" Adhesive-Backed Like Paper Good Great for young children. May be cut with scissors.

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