Utrecht Artists’ Acrylic Gessoes & Mediums



From priming your surface to putting the finishing touch on final works, Utrecht Artists’ Acrylic Mediums let you customize your painting experience without compromising archival stability. Formulated with professional-grade materials for specific results, use them to create a supportive foundation or modify the texture, finish, and flow of your paint.

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Utrecht was the first to introduce a revolutionary single-step archival acrylic gesso for priming canvas. Today, Utrecht Artists’ Gessoes and Primers come in a full range of specialized formulas that deliver outstanding absorbency and archival stability on a variety of supports.

Professional Gesso

40-60 Prof-Gesso HEX-923533

A museum-quality, universal acrylic ground. Ultra-thick, concentrated formula with high viscosity.

Artists’ Gesso

40-60 Artist-Gesso-Black HEX-923533

A professional-quality, universal acrylic ground. Thick, flexible formula with medium viscosity.

Artists’ Black Gesso

40-60 Artist-Gesso-Black HEX-923533

A professional-quality, universal acrylic ground. Dense black pigmentation and excellent covering properties.

Studio Series Gesso

40-60 Studio-Gesso HEX-923533

An economical ground for high-volume use. Light-bodied formula with low viscosity.

Acrylic Sizing

40-60 Acrylic-Sizing HEX-923533

Quick-drying universal primer accepts oil and acrylic mediums. Smooths and seals paper, canvas, linen, and wood panel substrates.



Add body, extend color, slow drying, or customize the surface sheen of acrylic colors with professional-quality gel mediums. Designed to maintain paints’ archival stability, choose from a range of formulas that let you customize the weight, finish, and working time of your colors while maintaining excellent adhesion and flexibility.

Artists’ Gloss Gel

40-60 Gloss-Gel HEX-78A964

Adds body and texture to acrylic colors. Heightens transparency for a glossy, glass-like finish.

Artists’ Matte Gel

40-60 Matte-Gel HEX-78A964

Heavy-bodied emulsion adds body and texture to acrylic colors. Decreases sheen for a matte finish.

Artists’ Opaque Gel

40-60 Opaque-Gel HEX-78A964

Thick, heavy-bodied emulsion heightens opacity and increases body of acrylic colors. Retains brushstrokes and dries to a glossy, opaque finish.

Artists’ Retarder Gel

40-60 Retarder-Gel HEX-78A964

Slows the drying time of acrylic colors without increasing fluidity. Ideal for wet-in-wet and plein air painting.


Increase the flow or volume of acrylic colors without altering stability with professional-quality fluid mediums. Boost gloss, reduce surface sheen, or combine mediums to achieve a custom finish. Superior adhesion also makes an excellent choice for collage and mixed media projects.

Artists’ Gloss Medium

40-60 Gloss-Medium HEX-1692B8

Increases the sheen, clarity, and transparency of acrylic colors. Dries to a smooth, high gloss finish.

Artists’ Matte Medium

40-60 Matte-Medium HEX-1692B8

Reduces the surface sheen of acrylic colors. Dries to a matte finish.


Customize, enhance, and extend acrylic colors with professional-quality effects mediums. Mix with any Utrecht acrylic medium or color to create bespoke textures, effects, and finishes while keeping film strength, flexibility, and archival performance intact.

Artists’ Iridescent Tint

40-60 Iridescent-Tint HEX-813C68

Medium-bodied acrylic base adds metallic shimmer to acrylic colors. Made with ethically sourced, natural mica.

Artists’ Illuminating Medium

40-60 Illuminating-Medium HEX-813C68

Light-bodied medium increases chromatic intensity. Made with ethically sourced, synthetic mica.


Apply to supports before painting to create textural effects and dimensional forms or mix with acrylic paints to extend color and add thick body.

Model Paste Extender

40-60 Model-Paste-Extender HEX-D68B34

Heavy-bodied paste adds texture and slows drying time. Dries to a white, opaque finish.


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