Find Your Plein Air Style

  • Traditional Plein Air Painting

    Plein air painting is all about escaping the studio and painting outdoors, typically from observation. Made famous by the 19th-century impressionist movement, today’s plein air painters work in an array of media and styles to capture the changing qualities of light, water, and other elements in outdoor settings.

  • Murals and Street Art

    Urban art encompasses a broad range of visual art forms, from colorful building-scale murals and graffiti to street artists working in gallery settings. Inspired by the architecture and culture of cities, urban art often seeks to beautify, make a bold statement, or deal with contemporary issues

  • Urban Sketching

    The urban sketching movement started as an online community of artists worldwide who draw urban scenes on location from observation. Journalistic and highly narrative, sketches can be made with any media and showcase each artist’s unique style. Urban sketchers are united by the common goal of sketching to "show the world, one drawing at a time."

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