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    Stencil1 Stencils

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    Gelli Arts Stencils

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    DecoArt Americana Décor Stencils

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    Roylco Jumbo Stencil Sets

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    Marabu Silhouette Stencils

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    Pebeo 7A Stencils

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Introduction to Stenciling with Ed Roth

Learn tips and tricks for making the most of your Stencil1 Stencils with Ed Roth, founder of Stencil1. Discover how to safely adhere stencils to your surface, find out which brushes and paints work best for stenciling, and learn how to apply paint in a way that captures every detail. Plus, learn techniques for using font stencils to create an original message on a variety of surfaces!

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Make Your Own Stencils

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    Stencil Paper and Films

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    Stencil Cutters and Burners

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    Stencil Brushes

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    Stenciled Acrylic Mandalas

    Find your creative calm with this step-by-step mandala project from Blick's own Julie Davis! Discover how to create intricate mandalas by using stencils positioned around an axis. Add layers of matte and metallic acrylic color for a relaxing, mindful project that will complement any décor!

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Surfaces, Brushes, & Paints

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    Hardboard and Wood Painting Panels

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    Mixed Media Papers

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    Acrylic Craft Paint

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    Art Journaling with Stencils

    Use this step-by-step tutorial from artist Tracy Hickman to create a mixed media art journal entry with stencils!