September 1, 2021

The Cyberattack Against Blick Art Materials and Our Customers

We regret to inform our customers and associates that Blick, like so many other organizations, has suffered a cybercrime incident that involved the theft of credit card information.

The incident impacted less than one percent of our annual transactions and has been resolved. Further, it only impacted transactions placed on our website, and did not affect any of our retail transactions. Those impacted will receive a letter with more information on actions to take. If you were affected, it is likely that the credit card company has already replaced your card.

Regardless of whether you were impacted by this incident or one from another company, one of your best defenses is to review your credit card statements, or even better, set up automated notifications of your card to catch any fraudulent use as early as possible. Most credit card companies do not hold individuals responsible for illegal use of their cards.

We used FBI-trained cyber experts to analyze the incident and recommend changes. The findings were that our existing multiple layers of defenses were evaded by an extremely sophisticated criminal attack. The bad news is that while the process did identify a few additions to our security programs and procedures, it is simply humbling how hard it is to prevent this sort of thing.

I am personally frustrated that we failed to protect the information that our customers entrusted to us, and I apologize on behalf of Blick for the concerns that this type of incident causes. If you have any questions, you may call (855) 651-2685 – this is a special hotline that has been established to assist customers with further concerns. You can also send any detailed questions and your contact information to our email address.


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Bob Buchsbaum

Chief Executive Officer