Making B2B Purchases with BLICK

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Learn how to purchase materials or supplies for your school or business.

  • Step 1: Select Items

    Step 1: Select Items for Purchase

    Select the items you wish to purchase by shopping our website or using the "Quick Add" function in your cart to enter item numbers directly. You may also use a registered personal account to save items in a cart, or create "Lists" and then complete the order as an on-account purchase.

  • Step 2: Begin On-Account Purchase

    Step 2: Begin On-Account Purchase

    When you are ready to check out, click the “School or Business Account” button.

  • Step 3: Sign in to your Account

    Step 3: Sign in to your Account

    To sign in, enter your customer number and the zip code associated with your account.

  • Step 4: Enter Shipping Address

    Step 4: Enter Shipping Address

    Enter the shipping address for your items. A contact name must also be provided.

  • Step 5: Select Shipping Method

    Step 5: Select Shipping Method

    Select the shipping method you wish to use.

  • Step 6: Confirm Payment Method

    Step 6: Confirm Payment Method

    Select the “Open Account Purchase” payment method, or any of the other options provided.

  • Step 7: Submit your Order

    Step 7: Submit your Order

    Provide a purchase order number and contact information before submitting your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can purchase on account?

    Schools and businesses that have established an account and completed a credit application may purchase on-account through our website. For information on how to create an account, see "How do I setup an account?" below.

  • What information is required to purchase online?

    Please have the following information accessible before placing an order on-account:

    • Customer Number
    • Customer Zip Code
    • Billing Address
    • Purchase Order #
    • Shipping Address

    Customers who have active bids with Blick must also know their Bid Number.

    If you need assistance accessing your school or business account, please call our Order Department toll-free at (800) 447-8192 (7 a.m. - 9 p.m. CST) to speak with a customer service representative.

  • How do I set up an account?

    If you are a school or business and have never purchased from us, follow these simple steps:

    1. Contact our Order Department. Call (800) 477-8192 (7 a.m. - 9 p.m. CST) to speak with a representative who will ask you to provide basic information about your school or company and create an account for you on the phone.

    2. Fill out a credit application. Download, print, and fax a completed credit application to our Credit Department at (888) 467-3190. Your order will be filled once approved. Please allow 3-5 business days after we receive the fax.

    Credit Application (Microsoft Excel)

    Credit Application (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

    1. Follow the steps on this page to complete your order
  • Where can I manage my account or pay invoices?

    You can manage your account and pay invoices online.

    Once your credit account has been approved, you may register on our Statements Management Site for 24/7 access to account details. There you can download, view, print, or email copies of invoices, or pay invoices by e-check. Credit customers may also register to receive invoices and statements by email.

  • Do all B2B purchases need to be made on-account?

    No. B2B purchases can be made using a variety of payment methods.