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Pastel Glue Pictures Lesson Plan

Lesson Plans

Students love process. A process is a unique way of producing a visual image that is not just drawing or painting directly on paper. This project involves drawing an image using school glue, then using pastel to apply color. The resulting compositions form interesting textures and uses of color.


Grade Levels

Grades 3 through 8.


Time Required

Up to three class periods (45 - 60 minutes a period).


Lesson Objectives

To develop and promote an awareness of a nontraditional art process.



  1. Sketch an image on the black paper using an ordinary pencil.
  2. Trace over the pencil lines with school glue using a squeeze bottle type dispenser.
  3. Put the image in a safe place to dry (usually for 24 hours).
  4. After the guide lines are dry, fill in the areas formed by the glue lines with pastel or colored chalk. Use the side of the chalk or pastel so that the glue lines will leave black areas around each color.
  5. Colors can be over drawn with other colors for texture effects or value gradations.
  6. Use a quality fixative when complete.



The glue lines of each project should stand up above the surface of the paper so that the colors do not completely fill in the areas that they define. Colors should be bright and varied. Determine if the students attempted to do more than the minimum requirements.



Pastel Glue Pictures Lesson Plan



1. 9" × 12" sheets of black construction paper.

Black Construction Paper

2. White school glue.


3. Pastels or colored Chalk .


4. Fixatives for Charcoal and Pastels.




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