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Minimal Animals Lesson Plan

Lesson Plans

A fun activity to explore the use of color and shapes to create different creatures. Bring out the imagination in yourself and your students! This project reinforces the concepts of symmetry and positive and negative space. By folding a paper in half, it is very easy to cut a symmetrical shape.


Grade Levels

Elementary through Junior High, and Special Education.


Time Required

One class period (45 - 60 minutes a period)


Lesson Objectives

A fun activity to explore the use of color, shape, and space.



  1. Select two sheets of construction paper in contrasting colors.
  2. Fold one sheet in half vertically or horizontally.
  3. Beginning at the fold, lightly sketch one half of an imaginary animal or insect. Include a border. Encourage students to make their creations as fanciful as they can.
  4. Beginning at the fold, cut out the border and animal.
  5. Unfold the cut-out parts and arrange them on the second sheet.
  6. When positioning is determined, glue all parts in place.
  7. Turn the sheet over and glue the remaining parts on the back to form a "negative" image.



Extended Lesson

This project can be expanded to include the concept of complementary colors: red, green; blue, orange; violet, yellow. Smaller shapes cut from other colors can be included for added interest.


Minimal Animal Lesson Plan



1. Two 9" × 12" sheets of construction paper in different colors per student.

Construction Paper

2. Glues


3. Scissors, Trimmers, and Shears




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