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At Blick, we love those "light bulb" moments when an idea inspires and the creative juices start to flow.

Geared for a wide variety of age and skill levels, we offer hundreds of Lesson Plans designed to meet the National Standards for Visual Art Education and bring the value of creativity to any teaching experience.

All original. All free. Help yourself!

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Kinetic Dura-Lar Sculpture
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Grade Level

Slab Clay Figure

Students create a figure while interpreting a culture's economic and social development.

9 – 12

Sunshine on a Stick

This project teaches free-form weaving in the round. The sticks are extremely bright and pretty when finished and look great in a vase or potted plant.

2 – 6

Three Columns

The architectural style developed by the ancient Greeks has had such an influence on world civilization that it surrounds us still today. This block printing lesson introduces the three orders of Greek columns and challenges students to discover them in famous buildings and the surrounding community.

6 – 12

Ultimate Paisley Patterns

First seen in Persian fabric design, the signature floral kidney and tear shapes of Paisley prints are a great lesson in pattern and rhythm. French curves and colored pencils are used to draw colorful versions on construction paper.

3 – 12

Wind Catchers

This step-by-step project from Mayco Colors demonstrates how to make insect-themed Wind Catchers from bisqueware pieces.

3 – 8

3D Contour Collage

Students create a dimensional line drawing out of flexible wire then cover it with assorted papers and tissues for a whimsical, lightweight sculpture.

Watch the Video

5 – 12

Abstract Planes in a Paper Sculpture

Students will create a small scale model that will teach them to design a free-standing object considering both structural and design components

9 – 12

African Ceremonial Mask

Studying the rich history of maskmaking in Africa is a perfect way for students to experience the relationship between the process of creating a piece of art, and appreciating the significance it carries

5 – 12

African Embossed Leather Box

Creates African-inspired art by covering paper-maché boxes with Leather Bookcloth. Emboss with patterns and textures and add colorful beads by gluing or stitching.

5 – 12

Airbrushing on Silk

Simple beginners' project using 5 colors of paint and 2 types of stencils: positive and negative.

9 – 12

Aloha Shirts

Create Hawaiian-inspired shirts with brightly-colored flowers, leaves, and fish by printing them using fabric paints. "Gyotaku" - the Japanese word for "fish print"- is a fun and exciting way to give shirts an island beach look.

5 – 8

Altered Images

Hand-altering photos is a practice nearly as old as photography itself. Here are some new ideas for embellishing digital prints, featuring Blick Studio Art Markers and Scratch-Art Tools.

5 – 12

American Pie

A “slice” of American Culture! Students design a clay pie piece piled high with symbols, icons and representations of their favorite things.

5 – 12

Animal Masks

From Mayco Colors, this lesson gives students the opportunity to explore the history and function of masks in various cultures and times. Students will be able to learn and master basic hand building and sculpting techniques using either self-hardening clay or clay requiring kiln firing.

K – 6

Art-Zee Dice Game

Decorate small wooden blocks with symbols, letters, numbers, patterns or images to create dice and a colorful "shaker" jar. Scorecard included in lesson plan.

K – 6

Arti'Stick Mobile

Students will study works of stained glass as a one dimensional art form and adapt what they learn to a three dimensional sculpture — a brilliantly-colored transparent mobile.

2 – 6

Artist's Canvas Painted Shoes

Using Tee Juice® Fabric Markers, students design a pair of painted shoes reminiscent of a famous artist's style and choices of subjects and colors.

K – 6

Asian Banners

Introduce students to calligraphy, ink, folding and dyeing techniques. The end result is a beautiful banner they will be proud to hang up!

3 – 8

A.T.C. Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards are a fascinating pastime for a great number of professional artists. The cards are always 2½" × 3½", a size that fits into standard baseball card storage sleeves

K – 7
Special Education

Batik T-Shirt

Learn the processes involved in traditional batik and in color layering with dye.

9 – 12

Bead Bottles

Bead bottles are the result of studying Huichol beaded gourds. Their technique can be applied to 3D objects available to students. Hours and hours of dedication are involved in the small bottle art.

5 – 12


A full skeleton illustrates movement during a wide range of activities. The addition of a background turns this project into a more complete artwork.

3 – 6

Book of Secrets

This book-making and collage project uses small matchboxes as drawers to tuck away secrets, supporting a variety of literary and historical studies, such as “The Hiding Place” (Anne Frank) or the Underground Railroad.

3 – 12

Bread Spread

This lesson will spark students’ creativity as they use an unconventionalmaterial — French bread — to enhance their pastel paintings

K – 6


This lesson plan encourages students to explore shape and color by creating original and whimsical insects from brightly-colored, torn paper.

K – 4

Canvas Loom Weaving

With its repetitive under-and-over motion, weaving creates a visual rhythm. Choose a few musical selections for students and have them interpret the six principles of design while listening to music: contrast, rhythm, unity, pattern, movement and balance.

9 – 12

Carnival Scratch Art Mask

Explore the history of carnival masks from various cultures. Ornate and colorful masks are easy to create with Scratch Art Film and permanent markers.

K – 8


Students will learn how each of the architectural elements of a castle was designed for the purpose of protection and design their own fortress by making a “pop-out” from construction paper.

3 – 8

Ceramic Tile Painting

Oven baked water-based acrylic paint on glazed tile looks like kiln fired glazed tile. The paint is available in a wide range of colors and can be layered and blended to make other colors.

K – 12


In this project, students will use simple geometry tools to make lines and circular shapes, then define a pattern within the boundaries of the overlapping shapes using the repetition of two colors. This is a good, easy introduction to the elements of line, pattern and shape.

5 – 8

Chinese Ink Painting

The right tools are essential to a Chinese brush painter. Students will create their own brush holders and ink pots from glazed and fired clay, then learn the basic brush strokes for branches, bamboo leaves.

5 – 12

Classroom Chihuly

Give students an opportunity to enjoy creating random organic forms with color and transparency similar to actual glass.

Watch the Video

2 – 12

Collagraph Printmaking

A very creative and experimental form of printmaking, collagraphs can be made with cardboard, yarn, fabric, leaves, tape and more.

2 – 8

Crazy Quilt Texture Boards

Students will enjoy exploring the wide variety of textures they can create with acrylic modeling paste on a rigid surface.

Watch the Video

3 – 8

Drawing with Thread

"Drawing with Thread" is an interpretation of work by Wassily Kandinski in 1913. Kandinski is called the first totally abstract artist. Free flowing water color and line suggests but does not define images.

K – 8

Egyptian Relief Sculpture by Amaco

Students should research hieroglyphs and find a hieroglyphic symbol that has meaning to them. They might choose their initial as a their symbol, or create a figure in the style of an Egyptian Queen or Pharaoh.

4 – 6

Buffalo Hides

The Native American tribes of the plains tanned and prepared buffalo hides, then painted them with symbols and story-telling pictures that told their tribal history and honored the spirits.

K – 4

Tissue Topiary

Topiary is the art of turning living plants into sculptures that are constantly growing and changing — a form of landscape art. In this project, an art topiary is made of a wire base, green tissue paper and twine. Although this Tissue Topiary will require some initial sculpting, no care will be needed after construction!

4 – 12

2009 Totems

Students create a modern-day totem pole with hand-formed clay animals positioned on a wooden dowel.

5 – 8

Masterpiece Magnetic Puzzles

Create classroom fun with magnetic puzzles, a great exercise for classroom art history discussions. Each student can take home a masterpiece for their refrigerator.

K – 4

Aboriginal Hand Prints

The stenciled hand print and aboriginal style drawings help children to relate to the man from the Australian Aboriginal Culture, while helping them to understand the use of line in art.

K – 4

Marbleized Paper

Even young students can achieve beautiful results — without the use of chemicals or special materials.

K – 12

ATC "Twist" Album

This simply-constructed book holds up to 20 Artist’s Trading Cards without drilling them or gluing them. Folded paper sleeves hold the cards in place as they rotate or “twist” out into a fan for display. Cards slide easily in and out of the sleeves when needed. Collage, stamp, paint, draw or decorate the matboard cover in any manner to make it personal and unique.

5 – 12

Kinetic Dura-Lar Sculpture

This lesson will attract students to the abstract as they create their own hanging kinetic sculptures from lightweight polyester material.

Watch the Video

5 – 12

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