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Crayon Rubbings Lesson Plan

Lesson Plans

Students love process. A process is a unique way of producing a visual image that is not just drawing or painting directly on paper. This project involves drawing an image using school glue, then using the resultant image as a textural base for making crayon rubbings.


Grade Levels

Grades 3 through 8.


Time Required

Up to three class periods (45 - 60 minutes a period).


Lesson Objectives

To develop and promote an awareness of how textural qualities can be transferred by the process of crayon rubbing.



  1. Sketch an image on the drawing paper using ordinary pencil.
  2. Trace over the pencil lines with school glue using a squeeze bottle type dispenser. The glue lines should be rounded.
  3. Put the image in a safe place to dry (usually for 24 hours).
  4. After the glue lines are dry, place a clean sheet of drawing paper over it and hold it tightly in place.
  5. Using the side of a crayon, begin rubbing it over the surface of the clean paper.
  6. Continue working until the image underneath is clearly reproduced on the top sheet.



Each crayon rubbing should clearly show the image of the underlying glue drawing.


Extended Lesson

Color can be added for increased interest.


Crayon Rubbing Lesson Plan



1. 9" × 12" sheets of drawing paper.

Drawing Paper

2. White school glue.


3. Crayons.


4. Pencils.




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