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Checker Board Lesson Plan

Lesson Plans

Checker board designs are simple patterns of squares alternating between two colors. This project explores the design possibilities of the checker board concept

Students will use simple materials to explore checkerboard patterns. Simple lines, straight or curved, will be drawn onto a sheet of paper, and the student will fill in a checkerboard pattern.


Grade Levels

Elementary through Junior High


Time Required

One class period (45 - 60 minutes)



After completing this lesson, students would be able to:

  1. Draw random straight lines.
  2. Use a straight edge and compass to draw lines and shapes.
  3. Define a checkered pattern.



  1. Distribute paper and tools
  2. Direct students to draw vertical and horizontal lines on the paper in pencil using the ruler as straight edge. Lines are to be randomly placed, without measuring. Lines should not be parallel.
  3. Using the compass, students draw circles over the random vertical and horizontal lines. Draw at least three circles of varying sizes. Circles can overlap.
  4. After the basic pattern is drawn in pencil, direct students to:
    1. Look for shapes that touch at the corners.
    2. Fill in these shapes using the marker.
    3. Shapes that touch at corners are filled in with solid color.
    4. Make sure all shapes that meet at the corners are filled in like a regular checker board.



Teacher reviews each student's work to verify that each project meets with the minimum lesson requirements.

  1. All straight lines are random.
  2. At least three circles of different sizes.
  3. Shapes that touch at corners are filled in with solid color.
  4. Check craftsmanship, quality and neatness of line and fill.


Extended Lesson

If time permits, or if an additional day of discussion is available, experiment with creating checkerboards that use only straight lines, or only curved lines. Make sure that if curved lines are used, the students start at one edge of the paper and do not lift their pens until the pens go off the paper again.


Checkerboard Lesson Plan



1. One 9" × 12" sheet white Paper or Board per student.


2. Rulers and Measurement Tools .


3. Compasses.


4. Markers .




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