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Bugs! Lesson Plan

Lesson Plans

Many bugs in nature are very colorful and have interesting shapes. This lesson will let students explore shape and color by creating original and whimsical insect creatures.

Students will tear colored paper into shapes appropriate to imaginary insects. Shapes will be arranged and glued to a background sheet.


Grade Levels

Elementary through Junior High


Time Required

One class period (45 - 60 minutes)


Lesson Objectives

After completing this lesson, students would be able to:

  1. Discuss and demonstrate the uses of shape and color in the creation of an original visual image.
  2. Organize shapes and colors in an original visual image.



  1. Begin the lesson with a brief class discussion of bugs. Ask students to name the various parts of a "typical" bug (examples: legs, head, eyes, pinchers, claws, feelers, fuzz, etc.). List them all on the chalk board under the heading "bug parts."
  2. Ask students about the shapes and colors they have seen on bugs (examples: round, oval, fat, skinny, red, green, black, etc.) List them all the board under the headings "shapes" and "colors."
  3. Distribute black background paper. Direct students to develop their own insect creatures by tearing (no cutting allowed) the various parts of their bugs from colored construction paper and glue them to the black paper. Ask students to arrange all the parts before gluing in case something will need to be repositioned. The lists on the board are to be used as references for students as they proceed. The students can use all or some of the items listed.
  4. Direct students to:
    1. Make their bugs large enough to fit on the 9" × 12" black paper.
    2. Make their bugs colorful. Use as many colors as necessary to complete their bugs
    3. Give their bugs a personality. Their bugs can be happy, funny, modest, clever or any have other personality trait.
    4. Give each bug a name (that can reflect the personality of their bug).
  5. Put the bugs on display with the name of the bug.



Teacher reviews each student's work to verify that each project meets with the minimum lesson requirements.

  1. All shapes are torn.
  2. Each image fills the space.
  3. Each image utilizes color in an interesting way.
  4. Personality of each bug is emphasized through color and shape.
  5. Check craftsmanship, quality of gluing.
  6. Teacher may also wish to assess each student's level of participation during class discussion.


Extended Lesson

If time permits, or if an additional day of discussion is available, hold a class discussion during which each student talks about their bug, giving the name, personality, and any features that make each one special.


Bugs Lesson Plan



1. One 9" × 12" sheet of black construction paper per student.

Black Construction Paper

2. A variety of colored construction paper.

Construction Paper

3. Glues .




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