How to use Utrecht NOOD


Discover the variety of ways you can use Utrecht NOOD Odorless Paint Thinner in your art practice.

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  • Smooth and Soften Colored Pencils

    Artist Jennifer Morrison uses NOOD to give colored pencil artwork a seamless, hyper-realistic effect without any graininess. She begins by applying several layers of colored pencil to her paper, ensuring that there’s enough pigment to dissolve. A stiff brush is dipped into NOOD, then dabbed to remove any excess before being applied to the pigment. NOOD can be used to soften and blend gradients, expose layers, and even create texture—the possibilities are endless!

    Materials List

    Rising Museum Mount Board

    Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils and Sets

    Sakura Cordless Electric Eraser

    Royal & Langnickel Zen All Media Brushes

  • Alla Prima Painting with Artists’ Oils

    Artist Frank Ordaz mixes NOOD with Utrecht Artists’ Oil Colors in a 1:1 ratio for a traditional painting technique known as “alla prima,” where paint is applied wet in wet before previous layers are fully dry. NOOD evaporates very slowly, allowing for longer periods of paint manipulation, less waste, and reduced exposure during painting sessions

    Materials List

    Utrecht Artists’ Oil Paints and Sets

    Blick Masterstroke Finest Red Sable Brushes

    Blick Premier Belgian Linen Canvas

  • Blending and Toning with Pastels

    Artist Susan Kuznitsky brushes NOOD over pastel artwork to create a toned, painting-like base on which to build layers of color. After laying down initial shapes on sanded paper, Susan uses NOOD to transform pastel artwork into “paint.” In addition to blending, she can add drips, splatters, and other effects. Once dry, Susan refines her pastel portrait, applying NOOD as needed to reinforce colors and shapes. Adding final layers, she continues to refine as her portrait comes to life.

    Materials List

    Sennelier Soft Pastels, Paris Colors, Set of 120 Half Sticks

    Lux Archival Professional Sanded Paper

    Blick Scholastic Short Handle Golden Taklon Brush Set

    Cretacolor Fine Art Pastel Pencil Set of 72

    Prismacolor Nupastels, Set of 96