How to Set Up a Home Office


Follow these simple steps to set up your space!

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    Step 1: Identify Your Space

    Whether it's a spare room or a dedicated corner of a common room, make it work for you! Find furniture for spaces of any size.

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    Step 2: Supply Stock Up

    A workplace isn't complete without supplies! Find your at-home workflow with the perfect pens, paper clips, sticky notes, and more.

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    Step 3: Keep It Clutter-Free

    A clear desk means a clear mind! Arrange all of your essentials and make them easier to access in boxes, bins, and more.

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    Step 4: Add Some Personality

    Bring happiness to your desk with custom details! Framed artwork and décor accents will turn your space into a masterpiece.

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    Step 5: Concentration is Key

    Have family at home, too? Check out these fun ideas so they can stay entertained while you work.