How to Make a Gallery Wall

gallery wall

Add style to any space with four simple steps!

  • Step 1: Curate Your Collection

    Start by collecting an assortment of art. Round out your collection with decorative papers and ready-to-hang Blick frames that complement your personal style and the artwork you are hanging. Once your artwork is ready to hang, gather the framing supplies you need to begin.

    What you’ll need:

  • Step 2: Find Your Center

    We recommend placing your largest artwork in the center of your gallery wall at eye level and working your way out.

    Create a template by outlining each frame on kraft paper, marking the frame's hanger placement, and cut out. Hang each template on the wall using painter’s tape to get a feel for the layout.

    Place your frames approximately 2" to 4" apart, depending on the size of your space and your desired aesthetic. Get creative and experiment with different arrangements!

  • Step 3: Maintain Balance and Perspective

    If you have a combination of styles, colors, and finishes in your gallery, try to disperse the art styles to create balance.

    Take a step back, evaluate, and view your layout from different angles.

  • Step 4: Get Hung Up!

    When you're ready to start hanging your gallery wall, confirm positioning with a level. Use a hammer to secure a nail(s) or picture hanger through your marked placement on the kraft paper. If you're concerned about making holes in your wall, invest in hanging alternatives such as removable hanging strips.

    Remove the paper and tape, then place your first piece on the nail. Repeat with the rest of your artwork, starting with the largest pieces and finishing with the smallest. Ensure pieces are level as you hang. Enjoy your finished gallery wall for years to come!