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Add Texture to Your Canvas

Add multi-dimensional texture to your paintings before ever applying a drop of paint! A great introduction on how to prep canvas, you’ll learn fun techniques for applying gesso using your hands and other easy-to-use tools. Achieve a range of feelings and effects by giving your canvas shape, movement, and dimension — the possibilities are endless!


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Tany Lozano standing next to her artwork

Tanya U. Lozano works with acrylic paints on canvas to create detailed, multi-layered, highly expressive abstract paintings. Inspired by the works of artists like Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock, she specializes in creating custom pieces that compliment interior spaces. Her work has been exhibited in galleries throughout Los Angeles and has been featured on a variety of film sets, TV series, and in several commercials.

Learn more about Tanya’s work at tanyalozanoabstractart.com.