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Creating with HD-Foam

What does it take to be a foam fabricator? Learn the basic tools and techniques of using SKS Props to get you started on your journey. See the possibilities of using lightweight HD-Foam and how you can create standout, con-safe costumes and props. Making cosplays inspired by your favorite characters just got easier.

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About the Artist

Steve Smith holding HD-Foam Rolls

Steven K. Smith is a professional fabricator, artist, and owner of SKS Prop and Costume Supply, which produces a line of high-density foam supplies called HD-Foam. Widely known in the cosplay community for his detailed builds, or foam recreations, he is uniquely inspired by the fascinating worlds of popular video games and pop culture. His award-winning reproductions have gained widespread acclaim at multiple conventions and expos including Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo, TwitchCon, and more. He lives with his wife and children in St. Louis, Missouri.

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