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Mixed Media Angel Painting

There’s more than meets the eye to this dreamy mixed media angel! Discover how to use a Gelli Plate, Gel Press Impressables, stencils, scrap paper, and Utrecht Fluid Acrylics to create a variety of colorful prints that will serve as the collaged background of your mixed media painting. Use a Cricut to create word art cutouts, then use acrylic modeling paste and a palette knife to make your textured angel. Finish by outfitting your angel in printed paper, painting the wings, and affixing the word art to your panel with acrylic matte gel medium. Hang your new mixed media piece and enjoy!


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Sharon West pictured next to her painting of flowers

Sharon West is a palette-knife artist who specializes in highly textured paintings and mixed media work. A self-taught painter, her pieces have gained a following online. She is active in Washington D.C.’s lively art scene, where she gives live demonstrations at festivals, art shows, charity events, and other large gatherings. Her work can be found in galleries and shops in Washington D.C. and beyond, and she has been featured in Clifton Living Magazine.

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