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Old Masters Glazing Technique with Acrylics

Follow along with Sarah as she demonstrates how to achieve an Old Masters glazing technique using acrylics—all in just three easy steps! She begins by building a white underpainting to make the transparent layers appear more luminous. Next, she mixes acrylic fluid mediums into her palette to add transparency. Sarah then works from dark to light, varying the direction of her brushstrokes to make her subject seem more three-dimensional.


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Since childhood, Chicago-based visual artist Sarah Kaiser-Amaral has been honing her painting and drawing techniques. She earned her MFA from the University of Chicago in 2003 and now operates out of her studio at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center in Evanston, IL. Sarah blends her passion for painting with her teaching career, inspiring students by breaking down complicated techniques in easy-to-understand steps. She continues to explore and push the boundaries of drawing and painting in her work.

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