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Blick NYC Mural Project

Get inspired as you watch Jedidiah sketch and paint a mural from start to finish at our favorite art supplies store — Blick! Completed at a Blick store in Manhattan, this 50-foot mural is a moving tribute to the artist’s sketchbook. Watch how Jedidiah uses color and space to capture the pulsating energy of the surrounding city while celebrating the sketchbook as a place where artists experiment with media, practice technique, and tell the visual story of their lives one page at a time.


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About the Artist


Jedidiah Dore is an acclaimed artist and educator specialized in reportage art, painting, and drawing. Based in New York City, his recent work includes a large-scale mural series at the landmark Daily News Building in Manhattan. A lifelong love of science and space exploration is the inspiration behind his Stellar Science Series, an ongoing project that has taken him everywhere from the Mars Yard for Curiosity Rover to the Kennedy Space Center. Jedidiah and his work have been featured in British GQ, “ALL ARTS” on PBS, and the book “Reportage Drawing: Visual Journalism,” among others.

Learn more about Jedidiah and his work on his website and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.