Chrissy Angliker

Chrissy Angliker is a painter trained in fine art and industrial design. Photo by Michael O’Shea.

Chrissy Angliker Projects

Paint as an Equal Collaborator

Create an abstract swimming scene by experimenting with the unique qualities of acrylic paint! Chrissy demonstrates how she uses a rough sketch as an outline, then mixes and applies Utrecht acrylic paints to canvas using recycled plastic spoons. Learn how to achieve the same marbled effect by carefully combining colors without the use of a paintbrush or palette. Enjoy the process of creating as much as you’ll admire your complete, one-of-a-kind work of art!


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About the Artist

Chrissy Angliker posing in front of one of her paintings. Photo by Michael O’Shea.

Chrissy Angliker is a Swiss American artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Trained in fine art and industrial design, her artistic practice has centered on painting since 2008. Chrissy’s unique relationship with the medium is explored in her 2016 book, PAINT/ING/S. Over the past decade, her art has been exhibited throughout Europe and the U.S. She has been featured in several publications, including Forbes and Wired magazine.

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Photos by Michael O’Shea.