Paint Buying Guide


Learn how paints are made, compare types, and access the resources we offer to make shopping for paint online easy.

  • pigment

    Pigment Overview

    Learn about the types of pigments used to color paint.

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  • how-to-shop

    How to Shop for Paint on our Site

    We want to make buying paint online as easy and accurate as possible. Learn about our swatches, where to find pigment information, and more.

  • read-paint-label

    How To Read a Paint Label

    Paint labels are full of useful information for artists. Learn how to read them with our quick guide.

  • binders

    Paint Binders & Characteristics

    Find out what goes into paint beyond pigment and learn about common paint characteristics.

  • choosing

    Choosing the Right Paint

    Learn about the different types of paint and find one that’s right for your next project.

  • Scholastic-Paint-Care Paint-Buying-Guide Banner

    Scholastic Paint Care & Storage Tips

    Maximize the shelf life of scholastic paints by learning proper paint storage tips.