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Williamsburg Handmade Safflower Oil Color - Cobalt Violet Light, 8 oz can

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Cobalt Violet Light
Cobalt Violet Light
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Product Details

Cobalt Violet Light
Handmade Oil Paint
237 ml (8 oz)

Pigment Information

This color contains the following pigments:

PV49-Cobalt Violet Light

Pigment Name

PV49-Cobalt Violet Light

Pigment Type


Chemical Name

cobalt ammonium phosphate

Chemical Formula



Cobalt Violet PV49 is a lightfast, semitransparent, nonstaining, light violet pigment with low tinting strength. Because of its high cost and low tinting strength, it is generally used only in pure applications.


Cobalt ammonium phosphate is completely lightfast. Because of its low tinting strength, tints are susceptible to color shifts, as other materials undergo changes.


Cobalt ammonium phosphate is toxic.


Cobalt comes from the Middle High German word kobolt, an underground goblin, because miners thought cobalt harmed silver ores. Cobalt Violet was the first real violet pigment and was described by Salvetat in 1859. The light variety of this pigment, developed in Germany earlier in the 19th century, was particularly poisonous due to its arsenic content. Cobalt Violet hues were the only permanent bright violets available to artists until the 1950s. Cobalt ammonium phosphate has been manufactured since 1859, but its use in artist paints is less common than other forms of Cobalt Violet.

Safety Data Sheet

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