Utrecht Artists' Watercolor Paint - Cadmium-Free Yellow Lemon, 14 ml Tube

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Utrecht Artists' Watercolor Paint - Cadmium-Free Yellow Lemon, 14 ml, Tube with Swatch
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Utrecht Artists' Watercolor Paint - Cadmium-Free Yellow Lemon, 14 ml, Tube with Swatch

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Product Details

Artists' Watercolor
Cadmium-Free Yellow Lemon
14 ml (0.47 oz)
Mfg #:

Formulated with complex, high performance, blended organic pigments, this new range of eight colors offers enhanced vibrancy and flow when compared to their cadmium counterparts. Create fine lines and delicate washes — cadmium-free watercolors provide strong staining properties from a concentrated pool of color and retain their brilliance after they’re dry. They are an excellent alternative to the cadmium color spaces in the Utrecht Artists’ Watercolors line, and their outstanding versatility and lightfastness measure up to cadmium color performance. Learn more about the new Cadmium-Free line.

Pigment Information

This color contains the following pigments:

PY184-Bismuth Yellow

Pigment Name

PY184-Bismuth Yellow

Pigment Type


Chemical Name

bismuth orthovanadate or bismuth vanadium oxide

Chemical Formula



Bismuth Yellow is an intense, light value, semi-opaque yellow pigment with good tinting strength.


Bismuth Yellow has excellent lightfastness.


Bismuth orthovanadate is harmful if swallowed. It is irritating to the eyes, respiratory system, and skin. Exposure may cause conjunctivitis, rhinitis, and reversible irritation of the respiratory tract. More severe cases may cause bronchitis, bronchospas


Bismuth orthovanadate occurs naturally in several minerals. Although it was synthesized in the 1920s, it was not developed as a commercial pigment until the 1970s.

Safety Data Sheet

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