Rembrandt Soft Pastel Set - Luxe Set of 45, Assorted Colors, 15 Full Sticks and 30 Half Sticks

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Rembrandt Soft Pastel Set - Luxe Set of 45, Assorted Colors, 15 Full Sticks and 30 Half Sticks

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Product Details

Luxe Set of 45
Assorted Colors
Full and Half Sticks

This deluxe set features a drawer box with 30 Half Pastels and 15 Whole Pastels.

Half pastel colors include Deep Yellow 202.1, Deep Yellow 202.7, Lemon Yellow 205.5, Lemon Yellow 205.9, Yellow Ochre 227.9, Orange 235.5, Light Orange 236.9, Carmine 318.8, Light Oxide Red 339.7, Permanent Red 372.1, Permanent Red 372.5, Permanent Rose 397.9, Raw Umber 408.7, Burnt Umber 409.5, Burnt Sienna 411.9, Ultramarine Light 505.9, Ultramarine Deep 506.7, Prussian Blue 508.7, Violet 536.9, Red Violet 545.5, Blue Violet 548.5, Phthalo Blue 570.7, Olive Green 620.7, Cinnabar Green Light 626.1, Cinnabar Green Light 626.7, Cinnabar Green Deep 627.5, Bluish Green 640.7, Black 700.5, Grey 704.8, and Bluish Grey 727.5. Whole pastel colors include White 100.5, Light Yellow 201.5, Deep Yellow 202.5, Yellow Ochre 227.5, Orange 235.8, Madder Deep 331.5, Burnt Umber 409.3, Burnt Sienna 411.5, Ultramarine Light 505.8, Prussian Blue 508.8, Permanent Green Deep 619.5, Olive Green 620.3, and Permanent Yellow Green 633.5. FREE! 11.7" x 8.3" Light Colors Rembrandt Soft Pastel Paper Pad when you buy Rembrandt Soft Pastel Luxe Set of 45 Assorted Colors. Limit one per customer, while supplies last. Free item will not appear in your cart during checkout but will ship with your order.


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