Daniel Smith Water-Soluble Oil - Ultramarine Violet, 37 ml Tube

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Ultramarine Violet
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Ultramarine Violet

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AP Non-Toxic.

Products bearing the AP seal of the Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI) are certified non-toxic. A product can be certified non-toxic only if it contains no materials in sufficient quantities to be toxic or injurious to humans, or to cause acute or chronic health problems.

Product Details

Ultramarine Violet
37 ml
Mfg #:
284 390 044

Pigment Information

This color contains the following pigments:

PV15-Ultramarine Violet

Pigment Name

PV15-Ultramarine Violet

Pigment Type


Chemical Name

complex silicate of sodium and aluminum with sulfur

Chemical Formula



Ultramarine Violet is a semi-transparent, dull purple to pale violet with low tinting strength. As a pigment, it is weak in most oil applications, but it performs better in water-based mediums, pastels, and chalks. It is generally the bluest of the violet pigments, although there can be significant differences in color across brands. It is not suitable for fresco work and does not mix well with yellows. Ultramarine Violet is a variant of Ultramarine Blue, and their pigment properties are identical.


Ultramarine Violet has excellent permanence and lightfastness.


Ultramarine Violet has no significant hazards.



Safety Data Sheet

UPC Code: 743162031689

ASIN #: B013I09ME8