Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor - Permanent Red, 15 ml Tube

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Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor - Permanent Red, 15 ml Tube and swatch

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Product Details

Extra Fine Watercolor
Permanent Red
15 ml (0.5 oz)
Mfg #:
284 600 072


Pigment Information

This color contains the following pigments:

PR170 F3RK-Naphthol Red

Pigment Name

PR170 F3RK-Naphthol Red

Pigment Type

organic, naphthol AS

Chemical Formula



Pigment PR170 is a bright deep red with bluish undertones. It has an average drying time. It has two crystaline forms that differ significantly in opacity. The more transparent form (F5RK) tends to be more bluish and is less lightfast.


The lightfastness and weatherfastness of Pigment PR170 varies, depending on the application and the crystaline form. The opaque form (F3RK) has very good lightfastness, and is more weather resistant. The transparent form (F5RK) has lightfastness that is considered acceptable in pure applications, but it fades more in tints. Neither form is considered suitable for exterior use.


Naphthol Reds are not considered toxic. They may cause eye, skin, or respiratory irritation. Contact with dry pigment should be avoided.


Naphthol pigments are actually dyes that are "laked" to form pigments. First developed by the German chemical company Hoechst A.G. before World War I, their use in artist paints began in the 1920s. Pigment Red PR170 is a Naphthol AS pigment, chemically related to the diarylide yellow pigments. The Naphthol AS pigments comprise a range of reds. They are used in plastics, textiles, and printing inks.

Safety Data Sheet

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