Art Spectrum Extra Soft Square Pastels - Skintones, Set of 20

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Art Spectrum Extra Soft Square Pastel - Skintones Set of 20 shown in tray

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Product Details

Skintones, Set of 20
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This set includes one of each in 285A Flinders Red Violet A, 285B Flinders Red Violet B, 510A Yellowish Umber A, 510B Yellowish Umber B, 540A Australian Red Gold A, 540B Australian Red Gold B, 555A Pilbara Red A, 555B Pilbara Red B, 570A Burnt Sienna A, 570B Burnt Sienna B, 570C Burnt Sienna C, 585A Burnt Sienna Yellowish A, 585B Burnt Sienna Yellowish B, 585C Burnt Sienna Yellowish C, 600D Burnt Umber Grayish D, 615B Burnt Umber Pale B, 615C Burnt Umber Pale C, 660B Reddish Gray B, 660C Reddish Gray C, and 660D Reddish Gray D.


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