Mudtools Mudwires - Curly Red Mudwire

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Mudtools Mudwires - Curly Red Mudwire
Mudtools Mudwires - Curly Red Mudwire

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Product Details

Curly Red Mudwire

When Michael Sherrill was just a wee pup of a potter he watched in awe as someone used the spring from a ballpoint pen as a pottery tool. Fast forward to Sherrill designing tools for potters and you have the Curly Red Mudwire. This is more than just a cut-off tool. As it’s pulled through the clay, the coiled wire leaves a beautiful pattern. Use it for faceting to create beautiful surfaces on wood-fired or salt-fired pots and under glazes that break (such as celadon or temeku). The coiled stainless steel wire is compressed — pull it out to achieve the desired amount of curl. The wire extends to a maximum length of approximately 15".