Old Holland Classic Oil Color - , 225 ml tube

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Vine Black
Vine Black

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Product Details

Vine Black
225 ml

Pigment Information

This color contains the following pigments:

PBk8-Vine Black

Pigment Name

PBk8-Vine Black

Pigment Type


Chemical Name


Chemical Formula



Black is a semi-transparent, slightly textured blue-black pigment with excellent hiding power. It has a finer grain than other black pigments, so it spreads better in watercolor. However, it is inferior in intensity, tinting strength, and chemical purity to the major black pigments.


Vine Black has superior permanence and lightfastness because carbon absorbs light well.


Vine Black has no significant hazards.


Vine Black is a carbon based black traditionally produced by charring desiccated grape vines, stems, and wood from willow trees. These processes have been used since antiquity, though a superior artificial variety was developed in the United States in 1864 to make a black appropriate for watercolors.

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