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Blick Artists' Watercolor - Permanent Alizarin, 14 ml tube

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Permanent Alizarin
Permanent Alizarin

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AP Non-Toxic.

Product Details

Permanent Alizarin
14 ml

Pigment Information

This color contains the following pigments:

Permanent Red

Pigment Name

Permanent Red

Pigment Type

organic, monoazo

Chemical Name

beta-oxynaphthoic acid lake, manganese salt

Chemical Formula


Permanent Red is a common name used for the manganese salt of beta-oxynaphthoic acid (BONA) lake pigment PR:48. It is more blue than other shades of PR:48, with the exception of PR48:2. BONA pigment lakes have high tinting strength.


Beta-oxynaphthoic acid (BONA) lake pigments are more lightfast than their beta-naphthol counterparts. Although their lightfastness makes them the pigment of choice in many applications, they may shift slightly in color or lose intensity under some conditions. Pigment PR48:4 is considered more  lightfast and durable than other PR48 salts.



Beta-oxynaphthoic acid may have been synthesized as early as 1887. Commerical use of BONA lake pigments began in the 20th century. Pigment PR48:4 is used in packaging and plastics. 

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