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Holbein Heavy Body Artist Acrylics - Imidazolone Brown, 60 ml tube

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Imidazolone Brown
Imidazolone Brown

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AP Non-Toxic.

Product Details

Imidazolone Brown
60 ml

Pigment Information

This color contains the following pigments:

PBr25-Benzimidazolone Brown

Pigment Name

PBr25-Benzimidazolone Brown

Pigment Type

organic, monoazo benzimidazolone

Chemical Formula


Benzimidazolone Brown is a transparent brown pigment that is heavily staining and dark valued but has moderately low tinting strength. According to its manufacturer Clariant, “It is a dark brown, very transparent benzimidazolone pigment with excellent light, weather, and solvent fastness properties plus high heat stability. Recommended for paste inks, solvent and water based packaging gravure, and flexographic printing inks.” Benzimidazolone Brown has been used in watercolor painting, where transparent brown colors have traditionally been mixed from other pigments.


Benzimidazolone Brown has excellent lightfastness and weather resistance.



Benzimidazolone pigments were developed and patented by Hoechst in 1960, and have gradually come into use as artist pigments.

Safety Data Sheet

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