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Holbein Heavy Body Artist Acrylics - Imidazolone Orange, 60 ml tube

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Imidazolone Orange
Imidazolone Orange

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AP Non-Toxic.

Product Details

Imidazolone Orange
60 ml

Pigment Information

This color contains the following pigments:

Benzimidazolone Orange

Pigment Name

Benzimidazolone Orange

Pigment Type

organic, monoazo

Chemical Formula



Benzimidazolone Orange is a reddish orange pigment that can lose its intensity and become dull in tints. It has an average drying time.


Benzimidazolone Orange has excellent lightfastness and outstanding heat and solvent stability for a monoazo pigment.


Benzimidazolone Orange is not considered toxic.


The benzimidazolone group of pigments was developed and patented in 1960 by Hoechst A.G., a German chemical manufacturer that was a forerunner of the pharmaceutical company Aventis. Use of benzimidazolone pigments in the auto industry, especially Benzimidazolone Orange, became common in the 1980s because they were common replacements for lead chromate pigments, which were phased out during this period.

Safety Data Sheet

Mfg #: AU419

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