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Utrecht Fluid Acrylics - Permanent Alizarin Crimson, 1 oz bottle

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Permanent Alizarin Crimson
Permanent Alizarin Crimson
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Product Details

Permanent Alizarin Crimson
1 oz (30 ml)

Pigment Information

This color contains the following pigments:

PR177-Anthraquinone Red

Pigment Name

PR177-Anthraquinone Red

Pigment Type


Chemical Formula



Anthraquinone Red is a magenta colored pigment that is transparent and moderately intense. It tends to fade in tints and is suitable for all media.


Anthraquinone Red has good lightfastness and permanence in its masstone, while its tint lightfastness is moderate. Overall lightfastness and permanence varies by brand.


Anthraquinone Red has no significant acute toxicity.


Anthraquinone pigments originated as textile vat dyes before being used as pigments. They became more popular with artists once it was discovered that careful preparation and grinding helped them to retain brilliance of color.

Safety Data Sheet