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Old Holland Classic Oil Color - Manganese Violet-Reddish, 125 ml tube

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Manganese Violet Reddish
Manganese Violet Reddish

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Product Details

Manganese Violet-Reddish
125 ml

Pigment Information

This color contains the following pigments:

Manganese Violet

Pigment Name

Manganese Violet

Pigment Type


Chemical Name

manganese ammonium pyrophosphate

Chemical Formula

(NH4)2Mn2(P2O7)2 - Mn3(PO4)2 * 3H2O or H4O7P2H3NMn


Manganese Violet is a semi-transparent, bluish-violet pigment with a discrete opacity and low tinting strength. It is the reddest of the violets, and it covers and dries well in oil and tempera. It also performs well in pastel, encaustic, and watercolor. Manganese Violet is not well suited for fresco or acrylic painting. There can be significant differences in color across brands. It shares similar properties with bluish shades of Cobalt Violet.


Manganese Violet has excellent permanence and lightfastness, and it is one of the most lightfast, balanced violets in watercolor form.


Manganese Violet is highly toxic if inhaled and moderately toxic if ingested.


This pigment was developed in 1868 by E. Leykauf to replace the more expensive Cobalt Violet. It was not offered as an artists’ pigment until 1890.

Safety Data Sheet

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