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Airbrush Comparison Chart

Type Character-
istics & General Use
Make & Model Inter-
changeable Heads Available
Containers Included Other Containers Available Liquids Sprayed Special Features
Single Action
External Mix Siphon Feed

Toughness, ease of ownership, low maintenace. Best for hobby & craft work, general background & area spraying, cermaic glazes.

Badger 350


3/4 oz. jar
2 oz. jar

1/4 oz. color cup

Use these airbrushes with large tip sizes and high air pressure to spray thick materials such as textile paints and ceramic glazes.

Less expensive airbrush with interchangeable tips.

Paasche H

Fine, Medium & Heavy

1/4 oz. metal cup

1-oz bottle, 2-oz metal cup with cover, 3-oz bottle, 3-oz decorator bottle, 3-oz plastic bottle

Versatility through use of extra bottles & tips.

Double Action
Internal Mix Siphon Feed

Ease of variation in spray pattern without stopping. Great detail capability. Other size color cups and bottles usually available. This type is good for any kind of artwork.

The double action airbrush is the preferred type to use for both T-shirt painting and for custom painting on vans and motorcycles.

Badger 150 Fine F, Med. M, Large L

Fine Medium Large

3/4 and 2-oz. jar, 1/4-oz color cup

All included

Use these airbrushes to spray liquids that start out thin, such as dyes, inks, watercolors, airbrush acrylics, and also liquids that thin well, like auto lacquers and enamels. (The main exeption is the Passche VL-5; its large tip and needle enable it to spray thicker fluids such as textile paints. It is our best seller for T-shirt painting.)

A good double action. Wide range of color cup sizes for the price.

Badger 155 Anthem


Paasche V

V-1 Fine, V-2 Large

1/8-oz color cup

1/2-oz bottle, 1/4-oz color cup, 1-oz cup with cover, 1-oz bottle

Versatile airbrush for small to medium artwork. Capable of fine detail.

Paasche VL

VL-1 Fine, VL-3 Medium & VL-5 Large. Extra-fine VL-1 POL needle also available.

1/4-oz color cup

1-oz and 3-oz bottles, 3-oz plastic bottle, 2-oz metal cup with cover

Excellent for artwork of any size. Highly adaptable with lots of tips & needle sizes. Physically large. Will spray more color faster than the V.

Paasche VLST-PRO


1/4-oz color cup

1-oz and 3-oz screw-on bottles

Several external improvements over VL.

Paasche Millenium

VL-1 Fine, VL-3 Medium & VL-5 Large. Extra-fine VL-1 POL needle also available.

1/4-oz color cup

1/2-oz bottle assembly, 1/6-oz metal cup

Aluminum cut away handle, thinner-barreled body, and rounded trigger button.

Aztek 430

Fine Line Nozzle, General Purpose Nozzle, High Flow Nozzle, Spatter Nozzle

10cc & 3cc Gravity feed cup 28mm Siphon Cap and Bottle

1.0cc Side feed cup, 2.5cc Side feed cup, 8.0cc Side feed cup, 3.0cc Gravity feed cup, 7.5cc Gravity feed cup, 12.0cc Gravity feed cup

Screw-in interchangeable nozzles. Ergonomic design with air hose attached at rear.

Aztek 470

7.5cc Gravity feed color cup

Thayer & Chandler Vega 2000

#1 Fine, #3 Medium and #5 Heavy Tips

1/4-oz color cup

1 & 2-oz glass bottles, 2 & 3-oz plastic bottles

Cutaway handle for easy adjustment and quick de-clogging of the tip. Will also accept Paasche VL cups and bottles.

Thayer & Chandler Omni 3000 Airbrush


1/4-oz color cup

1 & 2-oz glass bottles, 2 & 3-oz plastic bottles

Good for extreme detail.

HP-BCS Eclipse


1-oz, 2-oz

1, 2, 3 and 4-oz in clear or translucent jars

Only one tip and needle for all spray patterns.

Double Action
Internal Mix Gravity Feed Siphon Feed

Vary spray pattern without stopping. Fixed color cup gives instant response when changing colors. Integral color cup makes it easy to use for right or left handed people.

Badger 360


3/4-oz storage bottle, 3/4-oz color bottle


Head rotates 360°: for the option of either gravity or siphon feed.

Double Action
Internal Mix Gravity Feed

Vega Nailaire


1/64-oz reservoir built in


Used widely by professional nail technicians.

Double Action
External Mix Oscillating Needle

Worth the money and complexity if you need precise detail. For art, illustration, photo and negative retouching.

Paasche AB


1/16-oz color cup built in


Dyes, inks, watercolors, airbrush acrylics, thinned gouache, acrylics and oils.

You can dot an I with this airbrush! The Paasche AB is the only airbrush made that works on the air turbine principle.

Single Action
Internal Mix Siphon Feed


Aztek 1000

Fine Line Nozzle, General Purpose Nozzle, High Flow Nozzle, Spatter Nozzle

10cc Gravity feed cup

1.0cc, 2.5cc or 8.0cc Side feed cup. 3.0cc, 7.5cc or 12.0cc Gravity feed cup


Screw in nozzles, easy to clean and maintain

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