Using The Shopping Cart


Learn how to shop our website. Read on for details on how to make changes to your cart, add a promo code, update your cart, and more.

  • Adding Items to Your Cart

    To add items to your Cart, browse the site to find the products you want to purchase.

    Once you have located the page for the item you’d like to buy, scroll down to find the table listing individual products, and enter quantities for the items you’d like to buy in the fields in the ”- 0 +” field. Then click the “+ Cart” button to add them to your Cart.

    If you would rather add these items to one of your lists, you may also do that by selecting the “+ LIST” link to the right of the “+ Cart” button and selecting a list.

  • Catalog Item Quick Order

    If you have a catalog, packing list, or invoice, you may use the “Add By Item #” feature at the top of the Cart to add items to your Cart quickly.

    All of our item numbers use the same format on the website: “99999-9999.” Enter the item number in the box, enter or select a quantity, then click the “Add to Cart” button.

    When using item numbers from a catalog, remove the letter from the beginning of the item and enter the digits only.

  • Making Updates to Your Cart

    Once items are in your Cart, you may find that you want to make adjustments. The Cart provides a variety of features to help you do this.

    Updating Quantities

    To update quantities for the items in your cart, update the numbers in the “Qty” field for the items you’d like to change. Your Cart will automatically refresh to reflect pricing based on the new quantity.

    Saving Items to be Purchased Later

    To save an item for later, click the “Save for Later” link option.

    Saved items will be displayed in a separate list under the “My Saved Items” tab you will see at the top of the page if you are logged in. You will be able to move them back to the Cart at any time. Please note that saving an item does not guarantee price or availability.

    Removing Items

    To remove items one at a time, click the “X” in the upper right corner next to the item.

    You may also remove all of the items at once by clicking the “Empty Cart” link in the upper right corner of the Cart.

  • Moving Items to a List

    If you decide you’d like to move items from your Cart to one of your Lists, you may do so by clicking the “Move to List” option and selecting the List you would like to move the item to in the dropdown that appears.

    You may also move your entire cart to a list by clicking the “Move All to List” link in the upper right corner of the cart.

    Please note that adding an item to a List does not guarantee price or availability.

  • Applying a Source Code or Promotion Code

    To apply a Source Code or Promotion Code to take advantage of a special promotion or discount agreement, or to recall pricing quoted to you in bid, look for the box that says “Promo Code”. Input your code into the field and click “Apply.” The code you entered will be applied to your order. If applicable, prices shown in cart will adjust to reflect the terms of the code entered.

    To remove a Source Code or Promotion Code from your order, click the “Remove” option that appears after the code has been applied.

  • Checking Out

    When you are ready to check out, choose one of the checkout options in the box to the right of the Cart contents. If you are placing a personal order and intend to use a credit card, debit card, or PayPal, click the “Checkout Now,” “PayPal Checkout,” or “PayPalCREDIT” button. If you are placing a school or business order, click the “School or Business Account” button.

  • Printing Your Cart

    If you would like to print the contents of your Cart, click on the “Print Cart” link near the top right of the Cart page. A new window will open and a printer-friendly version of your Cart will be displayed.

  • Download Cart Contents

    Cart contents can be downloaded to a csv file, compatible with spreadsheets and many purchasing systems. To download your Cart contents, click on the “Download Cart” link near the top right of the Cart Page. Your file will be immediately generated.

Prices Fluctuate

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Prices shown in the shopping cart reflect pricing at the time items are placed into the cart. In some rare cases, prices may have changed between placing an item into your cart and the actual placement of the order. Final pricing will be shown at the Payment step of the check-out process.

We reserve the right to correct typographical errors. In regard to published prices in catalogs, we will try to absorb most cost increases from our suppliers; but if the increase is excessive, we will notify you and ask for your authorization to ship at the new price. Due to volatility in the paper and petroleum world markets, it may be necessary to increase pricing on paper and plastic items at any time. In addition, if product-specific trade tariffs or duties are imposed, we may have to pass along those charges as well.

Prices and selection vary between this website, our catalogs, and our retail stores, and by store location.