Expertly Shipping Delicate Paper Products

Shipping delicate paper and unwieldy boards presents significant challenges. These items are vulnerable to damage caused by moisture, perspiration, dust, and other environmental factors, all of which are common in distribution settings. Additionally, attempting to fold or roll them poses considerable risks, including the formation of permanent curls. As a result, we ship these items in large, flat boxes, which exposes their corners to potential damage.

With decades of experience, we have successfully shipped thousands of delicate paper products. Our approach keeps their damage rate at about 2%, which aligns with the performance of our other product categories. Here are the steps we take to ensure that your order arrives in the condition you expect.

  • Our Designated Clean Room:

    Get a glimpse into our purpose-built, climate-controlled clean room, a space custom designed to combat problems like moisture absorption and warping that could spoil paper quality. Given that we store over 10,000 different products, we have spared no effort in ensuring the perfect preservation of our paper products.

  • Our Trained Packing Team:

    Our highly skilled packing team is proficient in handling loose paper and every box they prepare demonstrates their expertise. Continuously learning and improving from feedback, this team doesn't compromise on quality control. A meticulous 15-to-20-minute packing process per box certainly bears testimony to the care we put into each paper order shipped from our warehouse.

    As demonstrated in the photo: Corners are recessed inside and reinforced outside for added protection.

  • Expert Packing Solutions:

    In our quest for the optimal shipping solution, numerous methods were trialed and tested before we finally settled on two primary methods: the flat box and, for larger mat boards and certain specialty papers, the “pizza box”. These packaging styles are designed to protect your orders best, preventing common issues like curling and fiber damage. Consequently, our paper return rate aligns with our industry average of 2%.

  • Our Guarantee:

    We proudly stand by our products. However, corner damage can occur for non-truck deliveries of bulky items like matboards, which are heavy and difficult to handle using just one operator. Ground courier services often accidentally drop them, which can lead to damage due to their weight. Although we strive to prevent such incidents, they are typically beyond our control when they occur. Smaller, lighter paper products generally fare better. Regardless, know that we stand behind the quality of our products and are always ready to address any concerns you may have.