Wood and Hardboard Painting Panels

Wood and Hardboard Panels offer an archival alternative to stretched canvas. This rigid support is best for non flexible media such as tempera, encaustic, and casein paints.

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  • Ampersand Aquabord
    Ampersand Aquabord

    Aquabord is an amazing acid-free surface for water media that won't warp, buckle or tear. This surface works similarly to a cold-press watercolor paper with several benefits: colors remain true and vibrant since the paint sits on top of the surface rather than absorbing into it. Multiple layers of clean color can be stacked one on top of the other, and lifting back to white is incredibly easy. You can scrub the surface without any damage — and once your painting is complete, you can frame without glass or backing!

  • Ampersand Claybord
    Ampersand Claybord

    Ampersand's original and most versatile panel, Claybord, has an ultra-smooth kaolin surface that accepts a wide variety of media. The absorbent surface allows for quick drying time of inks and paint. The real advantage of Claybord is how the surface can be manipulated; ink can be completely erased without affecting the integrity of the surface using Ampersand's oil-free steel wool. Sgraffito techniques can also be used on Claybord, something that cannot be achieved on paper.

  • Ampersand Encausticbord
    Ampersand Encausticbord

    Ampersand has combined their panel technology with R&F's pioneering expertise in encaustic paint to create the most archival and dimensionally stable board for use with encaustics. Encausticbord is a ready-to-paint highly absorbent surface that can handle many layers of wax and heat. There is no fear of cracking or warping. Watch this video for just a few examples of what you can do with this incredible board.

  • Ampersand Gessobord
    Ampersand Gessobord

    Gessobord is Ampersand's surface for oil and acrylic painting. These premium painting surfaces are made with a unique archival seal technology that provides a barrier between the wood substrate and the painting surface. A professional artist grade of acrylic gesso is then applied so the boards are ready to use -- no preparation is necessary.

  • Ampersand Panting Panels
    Ampersand Painting Panels

    Ampersand manufactures a wide variety of archival artist panels. There is a surface for every artist, every medium and every technique. Watch this video to learn which of these boards is right for you!

  • Ampersand Pastelbord
    Ampersand Pastelbord

    Pastelbord is an excellent surface not only for pastels, but for acrylics as well. This archival clay-coated panel has a marble dust finish providing the perfect toothy surface for multiple layers of pastel application. See why using Pastelbord gives you an advantage when working with pastels — or even aqueous media.

  • Ampersand Scratchbord
    Ampersand Scratchbord

    Ampersand Scratchbord is a professional grade scratchboard and the choice of artists looking for a rigid acid-free surface that will not tear, puncture crack, or bend. Scratchbord's surface has a smooth, absorbent kaolin clay ground that is evenly coated with India ink. You can scratch easily into this surface with controlled, crisp, clean lines to create exquisitely detailed white-on-black art.


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