Watercolor Papers

Watercolor Papers are selected by finish and by weight. Manufacturers generally sell three or more finishes, usually labeled Rough, Cold Press, and Hot Press.

For transparent watercolors, most artists prefer a Rough or Cold Press finish. A smoother finish, such as Hot Press, is desirable for opaque watercolors, and for printmaking and drawing.

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Artist Watercolor Papers
Student Watercolor Papers

Student Watercolor Papers are designed to have a texture and feel similar to artist papers, but they are not made of archival grade materials. Although they are acid buffered, the buffering will eventually be used up, depending on air quality, and the paper will begin to discolor and deteriorate.

Use a student grade paper for practice work, but not for a work that is for sale.

Watercolor Albums and Books
Watercolor Tape-Bound Pads
Acid Free/Buffered

Watercolor Tape-Bound Pads feature either archival or acid-free paper. Archival watercolor papers are made with a fiber source, such as 100% cotton rag, that will last for centuries without conservation. Acid-free papers, based on cellulose fiber, will eventually yellow as their buffering is exhausted, depending on atmospheric conditions where they are stored and displayed. Although conservation is possible, their lifespan without conservation should be measured in decades, not centuries.

Watercolor Wire-Bound Pads
  • How to Stretch Watercolor Paper
    How to Stretch Watercolor Paper

    If you've ever painted on paper, you've likely experienced it warping or buckling during the drying process. Hilary will show you how to eliminate this problem by stretching your paper before you paint. It is much easier than you think.

  • Selecting Art Paper
    Selecting Art Paper

    It's important to know that the paper you choose can have a major influence on your artwork. Hilary explains various paper terminology and how these can affect the outcome of your work.

  • Why Artists Choose Arches Watercolor Paper
    Why Artists Choose Arches Watercolor Paper

    See why Arches is one of the world's leading watercolor papers. This video provides the viewer an understanding of the papermaking process and what makes Arches special in addition to its long history.

  • Daler Rowney Langton Prestige Watercolor Paper
    Daler Rowney Langton Prestige Watercolor Paper

    Langton Prestige is a 100% cotton, artist and conservation quality paper. Manufactured with extra l ong fibers for durablility and strength, these sheets can take heavy color washes without buckling.

  • Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper
    Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper

    The Fabriano Paper Mill was founded in 1264 and has been credited with many inventions and advancements in the field of paper making. Today, artists can choose from a wide variety of 100% cotton, archival watercolor papers in many different formats and surfaces.


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