Adhesive Tapes

Artist and Drafting Tapes
Drafting Tapes
Adhesive Dots

Artist and Drafting Tapes have a moderate to low tack adhesive that can be removed without damaging a paper surface. Use artist tapes also for masking applications where it is extremely important to minimize the effect of residue that is left behind on the surface.

Decorative and Craft Tape
Washi Tape
Colored Masking Tape
Painter's Tape

Masking Tape is not suitable for fine art materials. The tape is likely to leave some residue behind, and this residue may not be acid-free. Such a residue, while invisible at first, could lead to eventual yellowing where tape was once applied. For fine art applications, we recommend an artist tape.

Plastic and Vinyl Tapes
Opaque Tapes
Transparent Tape

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