Bookbinding Tape and Book Repair Tape

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Bookbinding Tape and Book Repair Tape

Bookbinding Tape is great for repairing, reinforcing, and protecting books, magazines, pamphlets, and other documents. Use book repair tape and linen bookbinding tape or a clear tape to repair book covers, mend loose pages, and hinge book spines.

Tape bound books use a pressure-sensitive or heat-activated adhesive that attaches to the pages. Tape binding is a low cost way to effectively bind single use publications such as manuals and training documents. This type of binding is incredibly strong, but is stiff and does not lay flat.

To make a book spine cut a strip of tape that’s a bit longer than the length of the document on both the top and bottom. Place the tape in the middle and make sure the tape firmly sticks. Cut the tape where it’s hanging over the top and bottom so it can be tucked in. Use archival, pH-neutral, and acid-free tapes for long-lasting repairs that don’t yellow, crack, or dry out over time.